5 Best Songs From Frozen 2

On December 5, 2019 I wrote a fantastic article all about how “Into the Unknown” was basically Elsa’s LGBT+ power anthem and I stand by that. However, I feel like it must be said that “Frozen 2” has so many good songs and is honestly probably one of my favorite movies of all time (I saw it nine times in theaters and bought it on Vudu the second it was ready for pre-order and have watched it a million times since then). So, with that being said, here are what I consider the top 5 songs from “Frozen 2.” (Warning, this article WILL have spoilers since the movie has been out for a while now!)

  1. 1. “Some Things Never Change”

    This song is just super fun. It features the ensemble cast of the film and finally gives Jonathan Groff more than two lines of a song. It establishes the theme of change and continuity which continues throughout the film and does a brilliant job of showing us what has happened to our favorite Arendellians. Olaf is starting puberty (?), Anna has embraced the outside, Kristoff is proposing (!), and Elsa is finally coming out of her shell.

  2. 2. “Lost in the Woods”

    Sticking to the theme of the film finally showcasing the wonder that is Jonathan Groff, the next song is his...well, can you call it a solo if he’s voicing all 17 reindeer, in addition to Kirstoff and Sven? I love this song for the way it plays into the 90s-early 2000s boy-band vibe (I mean, come on, the pop cover is by Weezer). But I also love it for the way that it really works through Kristoff’s emotions. You finally get to understand how he’s been feeling for the entirety of the franchise. The song doesn’t shy away from male emotions and embraces the idea that love ballads can and should be sung by men as well.

  3. 3. “Into the Unknown”

    This song is a brilliantly written song all about going out and finding what seems to be missing in your life and securing it. It clearly has a strong connection to LGBT+ people and the search for that community. 

  4. 4. “Show Yourself”

    Basically, “Show Yourself” is the culmination of that yearning that Elsa expresses in “Into the Unknown,” as she discovers what that is and the unknown becomes the known. She embraces herself for all that she is and (SPOILER!) discovers that she is the fifth spirit, uncovering the secrets that had been lost and reuniting with her mother. I cried… a lot.

  5. 5. “The Next Right Thing”

    But if you cried at “Show Yourself,”hooo boy do I have a surprise for you. “The Next Right Thing” is the most heartbreaking song as it deals with Anna’s grief and solitude. She has to learn how to fight for herself and rely on her independence to save Arendelle and herself. It’s a powerful and moving song about how to move on after the death of a loved one and how to push yourself even through debilitating sadness. 

I didn’t even get to talk about the other incredible songs in “Frozen 2” and truly each of them is a treasure in their own right. The movie itself is so wonderful and oscillates between being truly moving and powerful and also just being fun and entertaining. 10/10 would (and are going to) watch again.