2020 is the Year of Nothing Less

I think that over time, many of us have become numb to the notion that we deserve “nothing less.” This can mean multiple things, from the amount of energy we receive from the people in our lives, our own work ethic or even our salaries. I believe that 2020 is the year that we demand again that we deserve nothing less. I’ve lived through the 2000s and 2010s. The key phrase is that I lived through them. I’m hoping that in 2020, and the 2020s in general, I finally get to live it up. I am energized from 2019 and I am ready to take on this year with full force. This also means that I’m expecting to receive the same energy back that I put in.

For me personally, this means demanding that I get the recognition I deserve for the work I do, especially as a photographer. I feel like I get taken for granted a lot for my photography skills for a mix of reasons. These vary from the fact that I’m a woman of color to the fact that I’m young and just starting out. I sometimes meet people who are as experienced as I am, or less, who, because they’re men or have a more expensive camera than I do, think that it gives them the validity to undermine my work. This year I’m not going to let anyone trample me with their unnecessary opinions like that. But for everyone else, accepting nothing less looks different.

For one of my friends, I hope this means demanding that she doesn’t receive anything less than what she desires or deserves in a relationship. I love her, but her ability to pick decent people to emotionally invest in is terribly lacking. She’s such an amazing individual and she deserves someone in her life who will put in as much effort as she does and checks all the boxes she needs checked. I think she feels pressured to settle for whoever because of the emphasis from society on the need for women to be in relationships. She deserves better than that. I support her no matter her decision, though.

For another of my friends, this should mean finding a new job with a boss who truly appreciates her work ethic and doesn’t request ridiculous tasks of her. She’s one of the most hardworking people I know and the fact that her boss doesn’t see all the effort she puts into her work (that I personally wouldn’t put in myself) blows my mind. She deserves better and I hope that her boss finally sees that this year, or that she realizes that herself and decides to find a better job. I support her no matter her decision, though.

Demanding nothing less may look like something completely different for you and that’s totally okay because it’s something different for everyone! For 2020, I ask you to complete one simple task: figure out where you deserve better and demand nothing less. You will thank yourself. I hope 2020 is nothing but light and laughter for you, old sport!