10 Simple Things in Life To Cheer You Up When You're Having A Bad Day


  1. When you walk past a water fountain and a few gentle splashes of water are blown in your direction by the breeze.
  2. When someone walks past you looking at their phone while smiling and you wonder what sweet or funny message they just received.
  3. When you wear a heavy coat on a college morning in October because it’s really cold outside, but after walking for 20 minutes to your class you’re sweating and when you finally get to sit down and take off your coat, the room is just the right temperature
  4. When you’re somewhere that you don’t want to be and would rather be anywhere than there and someone comes up to you and compliments your shoes
  5. When you’re on a night-out and you make friends with all the girls in the bathroom and you all start fixing each other’s lipstick and spraying each other with perfume
  6. Listening to your favourite songs in the shower
  7. When you’ve been waiting months for your hair to grow just another inch or two and you can finally curl it and it’s just like the pictures on Pinterest
  8. When your mom picked blackberries herself and made an apple and blackberry pie on a Sunday afternoon and the smell of baking lingers in the house and that’s the smell you get to start off another week with
  9. When he only ever wears his glasses to his lectures and one night the two of you are watching television and he puts them on for the first time in front of you
  10. When you see the date on your phone and it catches you by surprise because life is going by so fast and you realize that right up to that second, you have survived every single thing in life. You will continue to do so.