Your Webkinz Are Still Alive -- Here's What To Do With Them

You may have forgotten the hours you spent at a computer earning Kinzcash, the painstaking care with which you decorated your house, the thrill of spinning the Wheel of Wow - but your Webkinz have not forgotten you. That’s right, the Webkinz site still exists today, and all your childhood furry friends are waiting for you to return.


For all its fun, Webkinz World was also likely the first place many people of our age learned to save and manage money or take responsibility of an animal (a digital animal, but it still got sick).


These days, we have real responsibilities, but Webkinz World looks much the same. The formatting of your home dock looks a little different but is easy to navigate. All of your favorite games are still in the Arcade, in addition to new games. The Curio Shop still stands with Arte behind the counter as always. The WShop, Kinzville Academy and Employment Office are all open for business. Be warned, Kinzcash inflation has driven the price of clothing up like crazy. That fact aside, everything you loved about Webkinz is still there - plus more!

However, since Webkinz business has declined since we all last logged on, the company has now allowed ads on the site to build revenue. A short video advertisement pops up every once in a while; though this is annoying, it does little to hamper game play - unlike the other revenue stream, the addition of memberships.

Some games and activities are only available to people with a Deluxe membership, which does cost real money (not Kinzcash). There is a lower level of membership that unlocks certain games; this membership can be gained through the adoption of a new pet.

Today, new pets can be adopted online; a new adoption guarantees a lower level membership for one year. Games like Polar Plunge then become available. Although, if you really want a physical Webkinz, they can sometimes be found at the Dollar Tree.


So, if you miss your Webkinz and still remember your password, you can log on to Webkinz World and re-experience it all for yourself! Your pets will be happy to see you (and very, very hungry after 10 years without food).