You Need to Watch 'Dating Around' on Netflix

Netflix recently came out with a reality tv show called 'Dating Around' and of you like 'The Bachelor,' then you’ll love this!


Dating Around is about six couples who go on blind dates with five different people and the show consists of the first five dates, then the person has to pick one of those people to go out on a second date with which you don’t find out until the second episode.


What makes this show different from the Bachelor series is that this seems more real, and the producer from the Bachelor who is now producing this show agrees 100%. “The truth is, the Bachelor is a fantasy show about Cinderella. The Bachelor isn’t real. This show to me, felt like what real people do: Try to connect with others through conversation,” says the ex-Bachelor producer, Alycia Rossiter.


This show captures the essence of what goes on during first dates, the conversations, the nerves, the accidental dialogue, the bits of awkwardness, and the filler jokes. Each date is so different which is what makes it so interesting to watch, and my favorite part is trying to guess which one of these dates went the best before the end! You’d be surprised how many times I have been wrong!


Every episode is someone with a different background whether it is a divorced Indian woman looking for a partner after family pressure ruined her first marriage, or an old widower just trying to find love again. This show is unique in its diversity as well as in its emphasis on the word  “reality” as a reality show.


Even though there isn’t a rose ceremony at the end, it’s worth the watch!