You Need To Start Watching The Morning Toast Immediately

“Steeny vibes only.”


The Morning Toast is the number one millennial morning show hosted by sisters Jackie (@jackieoproblems) and Claudia Oshry (@girlwithnojob / @claudwithnojob). Their younger sister, Margo Oshry (@margoshry) also known as “Counselor Snitch” and “The Snatchelor” (the title of her Bachelor podcast), is also very much a part of the show often giving commentary via the “Snitch Cam.” 


At the beginning of every episode, the girls talk about what’s been happening in their lives before deciding “it’s time for the fast five stories that you need to know before you wake up and take a bite out of your morning toast *chomp*.” The stories range from celebrity/entertainment news to “biz news” giving the Toasters (fans of the show) the perfect mix of news to help them be “in tune with what’s necessary.” 


After the fast five, they recap any of their favorite shows which have aired since the last episode of the Toast, usually Keeping Up With The Kardashians or any of the Real Housewives franchises. Even if you’ve never watched an episode of the show they’re recapping, the girls make the recap entertaining with their witty commentary.


The Oshry sisters have their own lingo which the Toasters have learned to use in their daily lives. Things like extending the phrase “I’m happy for you” to “I’m happy for you, know that I am” in reference to Demi Lovato’s song “Stone Cold” and the term “I can’t and I shan’t” have made their way into my daily vocabulary often leaving the people around me confused.


With over 40,000 members of the private Facebook group, the Toasters really are a community. There is even a Toasters camp! Camp Toast takes place once a year and it’s basically a weekend away at summer camp for adults, giving Toasters the chance to get to know each other and even meet the Oshry sisters.

The show is live-streamed on YouTube every weekday at 10:30 AM ET but all episodes are both saved to The Morning Toast YouTube channel and available wherever you listen to podcasts after the show airs.