You Know You're from Eastern Kentucky When...

Coming from Eastern Kentucky is one of the prouder things in my life, but everyone knows if you come from the mountains people will always have things to say. Here are 10 things most common for those from the mountains of Eastern Kentucky.


  • People always comment on your accent

For example, “Where are you from, you don’t sound like you’re from here?"


  • Having to reference the next county over to explain where you are from

For example, “Do you know where Perry County is? Well, my county is right next to it.”


  • The main jobs in the area were with the coal industry until they moved out


  • People believe it is okay to joke about being barefoot every time they catch you without shoes on


  • When people think you are crazy for chocolate gravy being a thing


  • Family gatherings are 20 to 30 people you know, and about 15-20 you don’t


  • Extended family IS your immediate family


  • Gardening isn’t for fun, but to eat and feed family and friends


  • When you go muddin’ just for fun


  • When you have to drive over 30 minutes to the closest Walmart


If you’re from Eastern Kentucky, you know these 10 points are all too real.