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Working with Children

Working with children is something that is not for the faint at heart. Some people love it while others dread even the thought of it. The main reason behind these feelings comes from the ability to separate yourself from situations and the ability to not take work home with you. It can be one of the most difficult decisions a person makes when working with children because it can absolutely break them no matter how much they fight to stay afloat.


I have been working with children for the past seven and a half years now and it had been trying at times to say the least. It will make you feel miserable and overwhelmed at times. But the way in which you cope with these tasks is what overall determines if you will continue with this or fail in the end.


Most individuals wish to succeed at all that they do but working with children takes a certain type of individual, especially ones who are kind hearted. Children need people in their life who are both gentle and strict in their ways. The combination of both that are in balance with one another helps to create a more pleasant and conductive environment for the children to be in.


With that being said the goals of the individual set forth upon the things that have been observed that they wish to do to help with the children they are working with should take too priority yet there are stipulations. These stipulations include the ability to seperate your own beliefs and viewpoints from that of the individual you are working with. This is because if you were to tell someone what they have done is wrong and your right you risk the feelings, trust and relationship with the individual. So keep in mind the age group you are working with and that they see things vastly different then that of a adult and that taking work home is not a option to a healthy relationship of working with these children.

My name is Pauline but I have always gone by Polly. I am a coal miners daughter from Knott county kentucky. I am the middle child between two brothers. I am very family oriented and it shows when it comes to my niece and nephews. I am currently in the process of getting my BASW with the college of Social Work.
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