The Wonders of the Smores Blizzard

Dairy Queen recently released their summer blizzards and my friends have been all over it.


Really though, the group chat has been filled with their selfies including the blizzards and raving over a certain one, the s’mores blizzard.


I am always a fan of any reason to get ice cream, so I took myself to DQ and got a s’mores blizzard. My life has been changed.


Any doubts I had about the blizzard was gone. My worries left my mind for approximately 15 minutes. It was 60 degrees outside but the blizzard made it seem like it was 70 degrees on a summer night.


One of my close friends, Danielle (who has had like six of these in the past month), stated, “the graham cracker pieces carefully dispersed throughout the creamy vanilla ice cream reminds me of a warm summer night with just a hint of cool breeze in front of a bonfire,” accurately describing the nostalgic feeling for summer nights.


Another close friend, Haley, compared it to the comforts of friends stating it, “makes me feel like I am camped out with my besties eating the best summer treat in America,” and that is the best that words can do for this treat.


The weeks leading up to finals are the most stressful, so what better way to relax than to have the best treat the world offers?


I will definitely be getting another one soon and it definitely will not be my last.


Go get yourself a s’mores blizzard and remember every good summer memory.