Why You Will Love, "Love Your Melon"

As we know the holiday season is upon us, that means it is the official season of giving. I try to give all year around, but if you can not this is the perfect time. This donating opportunity is the perfect chance to give back and to buy some really cute Christmas gifts.


“Love your Melon” was started by two students at the University of St. Thomas in their entrepreneurship class. The boys set a goal of giving a hat to all the children battling cancer in America.

Their idea took off and they were soon partnered with nonprofit organizations to help fund research for pediatric cancer. So far “Love Your Melon” has raised over $2 million for research and given over 100,000 beanies.


If you would like to get involved with “Love Your Melon” you have two options you can either buy a beanie and 50 percent of the profits will be donated or you can join a Campus Crew.


There are Campus Crews all over the country that help with “Love Your Melon.” These crews help raise awareness for childhood cancer, represent the brand through promotional events.


Another thing these crews do that the members really enjoy is visiting the hospitals and surprising the kids and their families with the hats.


“Love Your Melon” is a fantastic organization that is doing a wonderful thing for pediatric cancer research and those affected by childhood cancer.


If you are looking for a new way to give back this season this is something to consider.



Thumbnail Photo By Kristina Litvjak

Body Photo from Love Your Melon.com