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Why My Dad Will Always Be My No. 1 Valentine

Photo by Abbie Long


“The first man a girl falls in love with is her daddy.” – Unknown


This quote definitely rings true in my life. My dad has been my best friend, partner in crime, twin and role model since the day I came into this world 21 years ago. He was the first man to ever give me a valentine when I was just a little girl, and every year he has upheld this tradition.


Every morning I wake up, get dressed, walk into my kitchen and pour a cup of coffee to get my day started. But on Valentine’s Day my morning routine is met with a little surprise.


On Feb. 14, for as long as I can remember, there has always been some sort of bag of candy and a card/note from my dad that is addressed to me and my little sister. It always reads, “To my special valentines, I love you. Love, Dad.”


Even though he has done this for us nearly every single Valentine’s Day, it still makes my heart smile.


“The only man a girl can depend on his her daddy.” – Frenchie, from ‘Grease’

Again, SO TRUE.


My dad has been the one constant man in my life who has never let me down or broken my heart in any way. That is more than any silly boy who has passed through my life can say, and my dad always treats me with the utmost kindness. (Except for those few times that I threw temper tantrums during my toddler years. But I will take full credit for those. My bad, daddy-o.)


Even though I have a wonderful boyfriend now who has no choice but to be my valentine (Shoutout to you, Austen Dykes. Sorry, but you are stuck with me.) It does not mean that my dad will ever stop being my number one valentine.


Dad, thank you for always being my main guy. I will always be your little girl and valentine no matter where I go in life.


Love you always.

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