Why I Stopped Watching Music Videos

Music is beauty to ears. We relate to music depending on its lyrics, melody etc, but most importantly the vibe. I recently stopped choosing the music I listen to based on the genre or artist, but by the vibe I get from the song.


Sadly, there have been songs that I thought were amazing but this view was shattered when I watched the correlating music video. I first noticed this after watching the music video of Harry Styles’ “Sign of the Times." I loved the song, the vibe of the song and I felt like I really connected with it on an emotional level. However, the music video was a completely different story. Styles is flying around an open landscape singing. I’m not completely sure why but this made me really upset.


After this traumatizing experience I have always been skeptical about watching any music video. If I really like the song I want to keep the integrity of the song in my mind. Once I watch the video and it doesn’t agree with me I can’t listen to the song the same way anymore.


However, there are music videos like Billie Eilish and Khalid’s "Lovely." I love this video because it connects to the actual song. The song is deep, the vibe is good and the video is intense. This is a combination I wish all the songs I like had. Unfortunately, a lot lack this.