Why Everyone Needs to Check Out King Princess Immediately

I’m always looking for new artists to listen to and share with my friends and I’ve recently come across someone that everyone needs to be listening to.


She goes by the name King Princess and she is absolutely incredible. With the seemingly infinite number of musicians out there right now, it can be difficult to find someone with a unique sound and message. But look no further, I have found someone.


Although King Princess has an amazing voice and remarkable songwriting skills, her importance goes far beyond that. She is unapologetically gay and sings openly about her relationships with girls, which is an important message for any queer women who are struggling with their identity.


Growing up I had so many musicians that I connected to because they were singing about things that I went through; Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez were singing about boys that they liked or the struggles they dealt with as young girls. But when you think about it, most female musicians that are popular in our society are straight and are singing about relationships with men. Although I connect to this, any lesbian girls out there will not. Representation is so important, especially in music. Being able to connect to a song can make you feel understood in a world where it is difficult to feel like you fit in.


We should be exposed to as much diversity as we can, including the music we listen to. So, I encourage everyone to go listen to King Princess. Even if she isn’t really your style, challenge yourself to include more diversity in your playlist in one way or another. We can begin to break down societal barriers and stigmas of all kinds by simply exposing ourselves to people that are different from us.