When Your Best Friend is Also Your "Person"


I’m still trying to figure out how some people go throughout their entire lives without their “person.”


No, I’m not talking about the person you’re in a romantic relationship with. I’m talking about a best friend.


That one person that they go through all of the stages of life with. I thank God every single day that I found mine at such an early age. She may say she needed me, but I needed her even more.


We’ve been through the stages of life that no one wants to ever revisit, aka: the blue eye shadow, braces, terribly straightened hair, middle school days.


After we conquered middle school we took on high school together. We were assigned to share a locker with one another our freshman year and we thought we were the coolest best friend duo on campus.


We went through numerous “high school heartbreaks” together from boys who didn’t deserve either one of us anyways.


We also tackled senior year together. Prom, Graduation, Senior Activities. Most importantly we survived gym class together. (Thank goodness we both decided not to take it our freshman year.)


And then the time came when we had to go our separate ways at the beginning of our first year of college. How on earth were we going to make it three hours away from one another?


I remember the exact day she called me and told me she didn’t want to live on campus anymore and she wanted to transfer schools and move back home. I supported her decision and it wasn’t 6-weeks after that I decided I wanted to do the same.


We both enrolled in the same community college and to our surprise we had three classes together… what a college win!


My person shines a positive light on everyone she comes in contact with. She thinks having a heart as big as hers is a curse, but she doesn’t realize how wonderful that makes her.


She will forever be my go-to concert partner, my personal stylist, my karaoke in a Nashville bar partner, my better half.


Thank you for everything you have and will do for me in the future. People tell us all the time that we are the definition of “best friend goals,” and I have to say I agree wholeheartedly. I feel bad for people that don’t get to have you as their “person,” but I don’t feel bad that I’m the one who gets to give you that title. It must suck to be them.



Body photo by Abbie Long