What Would Blair Waldorf Do?

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If you got that reference, I personally applaud you for being a true Gossip Girl (GG) fan. As a lover of the most binge-worthy teen TV show on Netflix, you have either wanted to be Blair Waldorf or be best friends with her. I mean, who doesn't love Queen B? She lives life with class and a whole lot of sass, something all true GG fans have admired.


B has given endless pieces of advice throughout the show. If you watch it, you will find something worthwhile in practically every episode. A lot of her advice can benefit girls in college everywhere. If you are struggling with a variety of typical teen girl problems, just think, What Would Blair Waldorf Do?


  • College is hard; academically, socially and mentally, it’s draining. How would Blair Waldorf deal with so much stress? Well, she would just go shopping! She said it best: “Whoever said money doesn’t buy happiness didn’t know where to shop.” You don’t necessarily have to shop, but find some time for yourself to do something that will make you happy. Whether it is going out with friends, playing a sport or simply watching an episode of GG on Netflix, it will keep you sane through all the textbook reading and essay writing.


  • Another big part of college struggles: boys. If the stars are not aligning for you and the hottie from math class or you’re stressing over a boy who says he’ll “hit you up” but never does, don’t get upset. Would Blair Waldorf let a man ruin her day? That’s a definite no -- and you shouldn’t, either. B knows her worth and so should you.


  • When you’re on your own, not only do you have to deal with boys, but you also have to deal with girls (without the help of your mom). Your girl drama may not be as scandalous as Manhattan’s elite, but you still will encounter some pettiness in college. Take it from Blair: not everyone is going to love you. Maybe don’t plot and scheme to get someone’s respect, but make it known that you’re not going to take their BS anymore.


  • Lastly, always remember that you can do anything you set your mind to. B doesn’t stop trying to reach her goals for anyone, and neither should you. Work hard, have fun and don’t worry about what others think. You are a queen, too.


Now that you have a few small pieces of advice from the queen herself, start living like a Waldorf. If Blair can get through years of her personal secrets revealed to all of Manhattan, then you can get through your next calc exam. You don’t have to do it alone. Find the Serena to your Blair and take on college together.


xoxo, HC



Thumbnail Photo By Alexa Suter