What Keeping a Diary Can Do For You

Having a diary can be seen as something that many people kept when they were in middle or high school. Not all diaries or journals are meant to be seen as the Mean Girls burn book. But really it’s a way to express words on paper. Creativity, expressed feelings, memories are all a great place to store in your diary/journal.


  • Express Feelings

I started keeping a diary to give me a outlet to express my feelings. A diary is a great place to vent when you don’t feel comfortable venting to someone. It comes often that we need to get whatever's on our mind out and what better way than to write on a fresh piece of paper that you know only you will see. I remember as a child I had a diary that had the keylock and I hid my key in a place I thought no one would find.


  • Creativity

Having a diary is also a great place to put your work. Rather its poetry, writing a short story, or doodling. Having a space that you can go back on and see how you improved is essential.


  • Memories

This is a great place to write down your memories. You will have the ability to go back and look at how you felt that time, day, and event. Pictures are always a great way to look back on memories but being able to read what you actually felt you have a different type of connection and remembrance.