What is Confidence?

Confidence tends to be one of the hardest topics to speak on. Many seem to have it and some seem to lack but confidence is a variety of things, it's just what you define it to be. Some may see it as negative. Such as confidence is being cocky or thinking you are better than others, but its not that. Those are different from confidence.


Confidence is knowing who you are, what you are worth and so much more. Most take it in and embrace it as a positive thing, as what it is. Sometimes it takes a while to be able to get that confidence level that they would like to have. There are many ways to ensure that you gain that strong confidence.


Here are five ways you can boost your confidence:

1. Be your own cheerleader. Give yourself pep talks, make yourself feel good and cheer on any and every thing you do.


2. Take in compliments. When someone gives you a compliment big or small take it in. Don’t say in the back of your mind “I don’t see what they see” “maybe they’re just being nice,” enhance it!


3. Practice self-worth. Know who you are and what you are all to be. Knowing your worth and your value on this earth is so important. Once you have this no one can tell you different on who you are and this will boost your confidence.


4. Act positively. Have a positive mindset even when things doesn’t go in your favor. Try not to dwell on the past and let things go.


5. Dress nicely. Walking around dressed to impress isn’t being cocky it’s building confidence. When you dress well you seem to feel better about yourself. It tends to lift your spirits.


I decided to ask the question “what does confidence mean to you?” to different girls in different classes here at the University of Kentucky to see their intake on confidence.


Lauren Hudson a freshman at the University of Kentucky said “To me, confidence is about being comfortable with yourself no matter the surroundings or the situation.” Confidence is indeed how you own a situation and how you act when you are in a certain surrounding or around different people. You tend to stand out in that room or situation when it is seen that you have a high confidence level.


“What confidence means to me is knowing my worth and keeping faith in God and within myself... I also feel that being confident and having confidence means staying true to who you are as a woman or an overall human being and loving yourself effortlessly despite what others may feel or think about you” said Anna Scott University of Kentucky sophomore.


Kenna Childress junior at the University of Kentucky said, "Confidence means to love yourself unconditionally." Practicing self worth will help your confidence and loving yourself.  


Confidence comes in different ways it's how you own it and wear that confidence daily.