What is Blogging for Me?

I went my whole life knowing when I get to college I want to major in journalism there’s no other way around it. Writing is just something I enjoy doing. People find it crazy when I say I don’t really mind typing a essay, it comes easy at times.


I remember being a child and picking up the cute Lisa Frank notebooks and the gel pens that everyone raved about. Pages were filled with me writing stories just about all the time. It was rare if I didn’t have a notebook and pencil in my cute little bag or backpack that had some sort of pink on it. My mom told me “you’re definitely going to do something within the writing field because that’s all you do.” My great grandmother would allow me to read my fiction stories to her, that were often about a little girl on a adventure. It was so therapeutic when I finished my 2-4 page story.


Now, in this day of age, everything is moving over to technology. If we’re not on our phones we’re on our laptop or some sort of tablet device. Things are changing and the way we voice our thoughts are changing too. Blogging has become a new day and age it’s a great way for us to say what’s on our mind, showcase how we feel about fashion or some sort of beauty product. I decided to join the blogging community because I knew it was the right thing for me to do with my career path. One day I hope to be a magazine writer and work my way up to becoming an editor. Crazy right?


Blogging for me is something to have fun with although I take it serious. I love to brainstorm blog post ideas and write them down in my journal. There’s times when a post may pop into your mind at the most random time. Sometimes creating a piece is not always there and I think that’s what makes it, IT. I enjoy when I write a post and I get feedback rather it’s good or bad, all is needed. It's nice hearing what others think and it only makes you better as you go.


Blogging to me is starting to become a lifestyle being that I’m apart of Her Campus. I’m starting to see the effect it has on me, it’s making me a better journalist and interested on topics I thought I wouldn’t like. This is something I will continue to do.