We Need to Talk About Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper

When I watched the popular movie A Star is Born, the chemistry between the co-stars Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper was undeniable. I really felt as though I saw a true friendship blooming between the two behind the scenes of the actual movie, whereas in the movie they are romantically involved. Since this movie debuted, fans everywhere have speculated that the on-screen chemistry is much more than meets the eye, and that it perhaps carries over to real life.


While the rumors were set to rest, especially because Bradley Cooper is married with children and Lady Gaga was engaged, people still speculated and almost pushed for them to be together. It has been weeks since the movie premiered, and people were moving on from their ideas of love between the co-stars. However, it was not long after that rumors flared up once again once Lady Gaga called off her engaged this past week.


To make matters even more substantial, the 91st annual Academy Awards, or the Oscars, were held this week. Both Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper were set to perform one of their most-noted songs from the movie “Shallow,” which won an Oscar that night. Fans ran to Twitter and other social medias to talk about the undeniable chemistry between the pair. Comments such as “The way he looks at her,” and “Why can’t they make out already?” surfaced during and after the performance.


Now that you have a history of this “romance,” we need to talk about this. Yes, the movie is amazing and shows an amazing love story. Yes, the two do have a chemistry when they sing together. Yes, Lady Gaga is now single. However, we still have to realize that Bradley Cooper is married and has a child with Irina Shayk.


I am not going to say that Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper need to “make out” and “stop denying their love.” I refuse to romanticize the idea of Bradley Cooper leaving his wife and child. I will sit here and say it is okay for him to have an affair with Lady Gaga. We need to stop glorifying and entertaining the idea that (unless it is your religion or beliefs) it is okay for a man to be romantic with someone other than his wife.


While they do sing beautifully together and are both gorgeous people, we need to respect both parties in this situation and not jump to push movie characters into real life.  Remember that their love was simply acting, and we need not force it into reality.