Ways you can Help your Mom This Thanksgiving

If your mom is anything like mine, she has given up her own time to prepare the house and food in order to host Thanksgiving year after year. As my grandparents get older, she feels that it is her responsibility to take some of the burdens of preparation off their shoulders.


Not only is this selfless of her but it made me realize how much work is put into hosting Thanksgiving.


And, not only does the preparation include cleaning the house and decorating for the occasion, but it also means finding and setting up plenty of tables and seating for everyone.


During this time of year, I try to help my mom in anyway possible to take away some of the stress that hosting entails. After putting things away, vacuuming, dusting and organizing the necessary materials needed, we can finally get focused on the set-up.


My mother usually sets out some cute pumpkins and squash on the front porch, as long as the squirrels don’t mistake it as their own Thanksgiving dinner (I know this sounds silly, but it has actually happened. They destroyed our pumpkins).


She also finds any other fall decorations, such as a mini cornucopia or fake leaves, to make our house that much cozier (most of it is from Pier 1).


Adequate table space and seating is more of a challenge. By utilizing our dining room and sunroom, we are able to squeeze another whole dining room table to accommodate everyone.


When it comes to Thanksgiving, there are many details that go into preparation for the host or hostess. Whether it’s vacuuming or setting up the table, try to find a place where your help can come in.


After all, this season is all about giving back. Let’s give back to those who have given us the most!