Ways to Connect More with Loved Ones This Spring Break

This week long break in the middle of second semester is always exactly what I need to reconnect with family and friends. Whether you are traveling this spring break, staying put or going back home, there is ample time available for you to reconnect with your loved ones. Now that midterms are finished and you get to set the books aside, there is more room to reach out or spend time with those who matter most.


  • Traveling

Spring break with a group of friends can most certainly create memories that last a lifetime. However, being surrounded by the same people all day every day for a week can also be testing. It is important to remember to take care of yourself and your own needs during your spring break travels. Be patient with others and if an issue arises, talk about it!


I have been travelling a lot lately because of my semester abroad so I have been spending multiple days with the same friends. I made the realization recently that one of my friendships was becoming more challenging because we butt heads occasionally but do not address it afterwards. We are both mature enough to admit that this was problem that needed fixing and wanted to make efforts to change it so we sat down and talked about it. Opening up about how we felt made a world of difference. Even though our friendship is literally rainbows and butterflies 90 percent of the time, the other ten percent needed to be addressed. I feel like we really put our differences aside and we understand each other a lot better now. Sometimes, listening is all it takes so be accommodating this spring break as you spend a lot of time with your group of people.


  • Staying at school

Remaining on campus or in the city of your college during spring break can bring the most relaxing, rejuvenating time. Without the hustle and bustle of travelling, it is an excellent way to recharge. Not to mention, getting the work done that you have been procrastinating. Take the extra time, while you don’t have to worry about classes, to see those friends you miss. Maybe even take a small road trip to see old friends as well. I always find peace in rehashing memories with friends I have not seen in sometimes years. Carving out time for a longer phone call back home or to relatives that you want to reconnect with is another way you can get back in touch after a busy few weeks.


  • Visiting home

Back in your hometown for spring break? Make a list of the people you want to see and the things you want to get done for the week. This way, you will be productive and not get carried away but also reconnect with those that you have not seen in awhile. I always find that there are so many people that I miss and not enough time to see everyone as much as I want to. What helps me sometimes is combining productivity with spending time with friends. Plan a coffee date where you both spend hours getting things done and catching up. Or, in the case that you have mutual friends, join up with others to maximize your spring break days.


These are just a few suggestions that can help your spring break be whatever you want it to be. Wherever your break takes you, remember it is a time meant to recharge not stress over the little things!