Want Your Own Radio Show? Check Out WRFL On Campus!

A lot of people have contacted me through social media or came up to me in person to ask about how they can become a DJ, just like me. So why not tell you guys all about it in this week’s article?


WRFL FM-88.1 is “an FCC licensed, non-commercial, educational radio station and a student organization of the University of Kentucky.” It is open to both UK students and community members. The cool part about WRFL is that it’s different than most radio stations you’ve probably listened to.


When you think of radio, you usually think of mainstream and popular music that is up on the charts on iTunes, but WRFL is different. The point of the station is to introduce the listeners to music that is often pushed aside or even genres that the community is not used to listening to.


By “educational radio station,” WRFL means that they want their listeners to become more intellectual and have a broader spectrum of music styles and taste.


WRFL gives people the opportunity to be creative with their hosting and to have freedom with the kind of music or type of talk show they would like to present to the community -- it’s super rad.


Want to become a DJ? No worries. WRFL has professional training and guidance from how to host your own show, to how to work the board and all of the operations needed for you to become a successful DJ as well as shadowing other DJs and taking a final exam.


Don’t be nervous. They have DISorientation coming up in the spring semester for those who want to become a DJ, these are mandatory classes that will set you up to officially have your own show.


You can also be a volunteer and help out with events, news writing and design.


WRFL is conveniently located in the new Gatton Student Center!


For more information check out their website wrfl.fm and follow their Instagram @wrfl881