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Having dietary restrictions can be really difficult in general, but it is even more difficult when eating out. I always find myself asking for substitutes or asking what ingredients are in my food, and lets be honest… it is really annoying. I have recently started exploring restaurants in Lexington that have vegan options, and I have found some really great spots.

Blue Sushi Sake at the Summit

This place has the best vegan menu I have ever seen. They have amazing letttuce wraps, sushi, salad, soup and more. They have amazing non-vegan options as well and all their food is beautiful. They even have sushi that looks and tastes like fish that is vegan!


This place has the best breakfast food! They have so many vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options, and you can substitute any vegan option to a regular meal with no extra charge.

Corta Lima

If you are in the mood for Mexican food, this is the spot! They have great vegan options and their guacamole is to die for. 

Zim’s Cafe

This place has a couple of vegan options, but what they do have is delicous. I reccomend their vegan chili!

Southland Bagels

This place has gluten-free bagels and dairy-free cream cheese. The best of both worlds!

Miracle Bakery

This is a gluten-free bakery, but on Wednesdays, it offers vegan baked goods! Yummm!

Crank and Boom

Looking to satisfy your sweet tooth? Crank and Boom has got you with the dairy-free options. 

 Alyssa Vagnoni- Junior studying Communications at University of Kentucky.
Her Campus UK Contributor Account.