University from the Perspective of a Fine Arts Major

Have you ever wondered what college is like for someone with a completely different major than yourself? I’ve always been curious how different my college experience would be if I chose a business or healthcare major. What are classes, professors and assignments like for others?

I have a lot of studio classes that are required for my major of Digital Media and Design. They are meant to be used to work on different projects, so they are 2-3 hours. I am curious if people would prefer to go to class for an hour just listening to a lecture, or if they would like going to class for a long time with free reign to work on art. Most of my professors have been good at teaching new programs like photoshop and how to use certain mediums like paint. It can get challenging when the Professor doesn’t explain things very well, but luckily, there are a lot of tutorial videos available.

The hardest part of my assignments is that they require a lot of work to be done outside of class. They are meant to be worked on over a period of time, but I tend to procrastinate, which results in many late nights. Another annoying aspect to having multiple art projects is the creative block. It is hard to constantly find inspiration and motivation for projects.

I like having at least one class that is not art related. It is refreshing to have a class I can just take an exam for instead of being graded on skill and ability.