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A review of three masks by the Freeman Feeling Beautiful product line.

By: Destiny Witherspoon

Currently, I have a huge blonde afro that often gets in the way of EVERYTHING. So, whenever I wash my face, put on makeup, or even sleep, I start by using an old, long, purple scarf and creating a turban to keep the hair off my face. When applying anything to my face, I always wash it first. I wash my face with Benzoyl peroxide topical, (prescribed to me for my acne problems). I always wash my face thoroughly before applying any mask so it can truly get deep down in those pores and do its job. I use a facial cleaning brush as well; to make sure I’m really getting a deep clean.


Charcoal on my skin?

The first mask I tried on was the Charcoal and Black Sugar Polishing mask. First of all, it smells AMAZING! I also liked that the sugar is rough enough to get deep down but not harmful to the skin. It really made me feel like it was truly exfoliating my face. This particular one can be used as a mask or a scrub and it’s pretty obvious why. The sugar and other ingredients don’t harden or form what we would think of as a traditional mask. It kind of just sits on your skin until you massage it in and wash it off. I didn’t really think leaving it on my face made it work any better. The massaging of the product onto my face is what had the most impact, for me. Once I washed it off, my skin was as smooth as John Travolta in Grease. I could instantly see results. It lightened some of my acne scars without drying out my face. I believe in moisturizing after every mask, because most do dry you out, but this step could be optional with this one. Overall, I really liked this product!

Apple Cider… Vinegar?

  The second mask I tried was the Apple Cider Vinegar 4-in-1 Foaming Clay. Great news guys, it didn’t smell like Apple Cider Vinegar. Though I am disgusted by the smell of ACV, I love the effects it can have on your skin, hair, and body. So, this was great. I could still get some of those properties without that awful smell. This mask was very thin and dried quickly, hardening like you would expect as mask to. However since it was so thin it did not clump or result in a thick layer on the skin like a eucalyptus mask. This mask did just what I expected it to do. It really targeted my pores and dried out some of my acne, causing them to come to a head. It also made my skin really soft, however this REALLY dried my face out. I had to use a moisturizer immediately. Overall, if you have a moisturizer handy, and have acne, this mask will work really well for you. Oh, p.s. this can also be used as a daily face scrub too. I just love 2 in 1’s.

Cucumber Fun

I strategically chose to sample the cucumber mask last, thinking it would cool down my face from the previous two. I was correct. This Cucumber peel off mask was very different from the others. It was kind of sticky when applying. It kind of made me feel like I was doing it wrong.  It’s also, pretty much, clear so it looks very different on the skin as well. This mask was very cooling. I felt like it was soothing my skin. I couldn’t even feel it on my face until it hardened. When it hardened it felt like candle wax, soft but solid. But the most fun would have to be taking it off. Instead of washing it off, you literally peel the mask off your face. I felt like I was peeling off a layer of skin. It feels like that, but trust me, you aren’t. It didn’t hurt when peeling it off but it was very weird to see the mask change forms like that. When I took it completely off it almost felt like a plastic glove. Weird right? But it did leave my skin so smooth and extremely moisturized. Like, it felt like I had already applied my ending moisturizer.


(Photos by: Destiny Witherspoon) (Black Charcoal Mask Photo by Walmart.com)

A Broadcast Journalism, Human Communication dual major, sophomore at the University of Kentucky. Really focuses on life through the African American Female perspective that is often lost.
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