The Umbrella Academy’s Biggest Mystery

Mild spoilers for season 1 of 'The Umbrella Academy'


'The Umbrella Academy,' a show based on Gerard Way’s comic series of the same name, dropped on Netflix on Feb. 15, becoming the streaming service’s newest addiction. After watching all 10 episodes of The Umbrella Academy in one day, I was left with a lot of questions. Is Sir Reginald Hargreeves a member of the Commission? How did Diego meet Eudora? What’s Pogo’s origin story? What families did the 7 come from? Will they ever meet their birth mothers? How far back in time will the Academy go? Why doesn’t Five have a name? How, exactly, did Ben die?


All of those are pressing concerns that I hope future seasons of the show will address, but the biggest and most important unanswered question is this: what happened to the cute Russian couple?


You may remember them from the very first scene of the show: a boy and girl clad in bright swimming wear, engaging in some cute but not very subtle flirtation. Seconds later, the girl is mysteriously in labor as the boy anxiously looks on. After a cut to Sir Reginald trying to buy the baby off the new mother, neither the girl nor the boy are seen again.


Sir Reginald seemed unsuccessful in buying the baby, so presumably the girl chose to keep it (meaning the baby is not a member of the Academy). Therefore, chances are sadly slim that we will ever see the Russian couple again.


Out of the many things I want in the next season  - a happy Klaus, a loved-up Luther and Allison, more bro time between Diego and Klaus, a functional family unit that includes Vanya - I want to know the fate of this young Russian couple. What’s their backstory? Do they end up together? How does the mother adapt to suddenly having a baby? Do they end up together? I want answers, and if the show won’t give them to me, I’m going to pretend they do end up together and live long happy lives. That way, at least someone on the show could have a happy ending. It’s not going to be Klaus.