TV Shows to Watch on Halloween

The time is here. Halloween. Spooky season. The spookiest of all seasons. Get into the spirit of Halloween with these horror TV shows.


  • Supernatural

Monsters, angels, demons, gods. Supernatural is like the ultimate Halloween show. The tale of two brothers Sam and Dean Winchester (and their angel Castiel) as they travel around hunting all sorts of monsters. Constantly saving the world from destruction from all sorts of creatures (creatures that have tried - demons, leviathans, angels, eve) and sometimes their own mistakes. A good choice for Halloween because it includes all the spookiness needed for a good experience and a beautiful combination of gory, action and love.


  • American Horror Story

No show does horror like American Horror Story, it’s in the name. With horrifying, but compelling, villains like Twisty the Clown, Michael Langdon, Delphine LaLaurie, Kai Anderson and Bloody face the show is a definite must-watch for horror/halloween fanatics.


  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Back to the classics this Halloween? Heck yes. This is perfect for Halloween because while it is intensely scary, it is funny, action packed and romantic as well.


  • Stranger Things

What makes Stranger Things a really good “horror” show is the age of the main characters. Imagine going missing at the age of 12 and not kidnapped but trapped in another dimension where horrifying monsters (i.e demogorgons) roam around. Not to mention, you are all alone. That is some terrifying sh*t.


  • Castle Rock

Bill Skarsgard has this amazing ability to creep the f*ck out of you without saying any words. The shows centers around Stephen King’s multiverse in the town of Castle rock. Firstly, Stephen king is like the king of horror writing, and this show definitely does his writing justice. Even though there really isn’t any goriness the show is terrifying because it is a psychological horror.


Honorable mentions

  • The Walking Dead

  • X-files

  • Twin Peaks

  • True Blood

  • Hemlock Grove


“It’s Halloween, everyone’s entitled to one good scare” - Brackett, Halloween (1978)