Top Youtubers for College Students

Being a college student means that you have a ton of different needs, and thankfully, Youtube can solve most of those needs. Here is my list of top channels that are essential to every college student.


  • Philip DeFranco

Between all of the exams, homework and “group” projects, it can be difficult to keep up with the news. Phillip DeFranco is a quirky and informative man who knows his stuff and will definitely keep you up to date on a wide variety of news from sports to beauty gurus to politics.


  • PewDiePie

Again, college is stressful. You need some comic relief. This king of Youtube will have you laughing within minutes and will definitely get your mind off of that organic chemistry test next week.



We need at least one school-like channel, right? This is by far my favorite channel that really makes me think about everything and makes me want to figure it out. From how to scientifically survive the apocalypse to effects of Adderall on the brain (Some of you all really need to watch that last one).


  • Jeffreestar

One of the biggest beauty gurus out there, Jeffree Star will blow you away with his makeup skills and fun personality. A true legend that every college student should know. Not only does he teach us how to look flawless, but he also teaches us a little more about acceptance and nonjudgement.


That is my top list of Youtubers for every college student, so I hope you enjoy these artists as much as I do!