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Top 5 Fashion Forecast for Spring/Summer 2021

For me the spring is time for positive energy, outdoor activities, and fun clothes. Even though it might not feel like it just yet, spring is coming around the corner in just a month! Most designers have already come out with this next season’s designs, so for those early adopters and trend leaders it is the perfect time to start planning. Keep in mind that even with a new season that doesn’t mean you can’t use what you already have because fashion always works in cycles.

Monochrome and Pastels

This past season featured the looks of monochrome styles right now and it is proving to stay. This trend has even gotten so big to have been featured everywhere at the Inauguration with a combination of colorful suit options. The easiest way to try and achieve this style is by finding clothes you have with the same general color that can match together successfully. You don’t need many overpowering pieces, but instead, choose accents that can work together. 

Wide Legs (Jeans, Khakis)

People are saying goodbye to the 2010s favorite staple item, the skinny jeans! The focus is changing toward pants that are loose, wide, and even bellbottomed. It doesn’t matter where the waist falls on you, as long as it’s not skinny. Since skinny jeans have been the decade’s staple item, it might be hard to phase out quickly with them being in every girl’s closet. In due time though, this new trend I predict is here to stay.


Underwear as outerwear is also going to be staying as a relevant piece for the upcoming season as it has seen to be paired with oversized button downs, t-shirts, dresses, or just as is. This outfit piece caters to many aesthetics ranging from streetwear, emo, and even soft girl where they can be interchangeable. I consider it to be a really good specialty item to invest in if you are trying to make a bold statement. 

Brown and Earthy Tones

Focusing on colors of the season, brown and all the shades that follow it including light tans and creams are to be VERY in this year. Going back to the monochrome, brown is definitely becoming a more frequently used color being paired as accessories, like shades and purses. Brown jackets including puffers/bubble coats, trench coats, and even brown denims are pieces to keep your eyes open for. 


Within the last two years, a reinvented 70s style has come around with people wearing bell bottoms, flowy shirts, earth tones and platform shoes. During multiple times through the fashion cycle waistcoats have popped up in the 70s and 00s. Of course they were styled differently, but their use was there. Based on the direction our current trends are heading, I feel that waistcoats might be revisited on the trend circuit. In general, this potential trend would be in its beginning stages, so compared to the other items on this list we will need to see how it will get styled. 

With the snow melting and spring just around the corner, you can feel the excitement everyone is having to trade in their coats for shorts. Due to Covid-19 putting a hindrance on regular spring activities, you might catch people dressing up for even small events. With that being the case, it’s always nice to be on the cutting edge of style if you’re wearing it or just watching it evolve. Be it if you’re restyling clothes you already have or shopping for new ones, it is always refreshing to see what a new season can bring.

Hi everyone! My name is Taya Jackson and I’m a sophomore at UK with a Merchandising, Apparel, and textiles major and graphic design minor. I was born in LA and raised in North Atlanta. If you ever want to find me I’m either shopping or at the gym!
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