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It is just a simple fact that Lady Gaga is amazing. She is musically talented, she can act and she does so much for the community. As she takes the world by storm in her new movie, A Star is Born, I want to take a minute to look at her music career and rank the best songs she has put out there… so far.


Here is Lady Gaga’s top 20 songs:


20. Bad Kids

The anthem of rebellion, Bad Kids is an upbeat song that gives a voice to the outcasts and trouble makers. I would not say there is anything bad about this song, it just does not stand out a ton from her others.


19. Marry the Night

A popular song from the Born this Way album, Marry the Night is a song of ambition with an easy-to-memorize melody. The music video is one of her best, so I recommend checking it out!


18. The Cure 

The Cure is a single of Lady Gaga’s with a pop beat and caring message. This one is really popular and fits the typical pop song template, which is why I did not rank it higher. It sounds a lot like what else is on the radio.


17. Perfect Illusion 

Perfect Illusion is a great song that showcases Gaga’s vocals. I ranked it lower because the lyrics are not super deep compared to her other songs, but that does not make it a bad song.


16. Alejandro 

An iconic song from The Fame Monster Album, Alejandro certainly raised some eyebrows when it came out, especially from the Catholic Church. Despite its controversial music video, Alejandro is a poppy, anti-love song that almost anyone should be able to recognize.


15. Telephone

Another well-known song from The Fame Monster, Telephone tells the second part of an alleged three-part story with Paparazzi and Aura, plus it features Queen Bey! The music videos showcases Gaga’s acting skills, but the song itself is a bop you are likely to find yourself humming.


14. Grigio Girls 

Grigio Girls actually tells a sad story about Gaga’s friend who passed away of cancer. Grigio Girls is a real, raw, warm song about the bond between women, an important message for women of all ages to hear. Grigio Girls is one of the best songs from the Joanne album.


13. Dope

I will admit, I did not like this song the first time I heard it, but after listening to it a few more times I realized this piano ballad has a moving message about losing someone essential. The music itself is beautiful, and the lyrics add a third dimension that makes this song one of Gaga’s more emotional ones.


12.The Edge of Glory

Another popular song from Born This Way, Edge of Glory has an extremely appealing, catchy lyric. The piano version is even better than the pop version, which shows off the versatility of this melody.


11. John Wayne

John Wayne is a pop-country crossover that makes you want to dance. It is edgy, fun, and overall a strong song.


10. Born this Way 

Born This Way is an extremely recognizable anthem about self-expression and being yourself. This song has touched the hearts of many, earning it a higher spot on this list.


9. Poker Face

An instant classic, Poker Face is Gaga’s breakout song. It is fun to listen to, plus it is so iconic that it had to have a spot on this list.


8. Scheibe

Scheibe is an UNDERRATED SONG. It is an amazing song about female empowerment and how women do not need to take shit from men. I think people are thrown off by its name, which is a German expletive, but overall this song has a powerful message and a fun melody to accompany it.


7. Million Reasons 

The most well-known song. From the Joanne Album, Million Reasons is one of Gaga’s softer singles, arguably marking the new era of Gaga following ARTPOP. Its raw vocals and piano sound make it beautiful and deserving of a top spot on this list.


6. Judas

Judas is another controversial song of Gaga’s, but that is what makes it so good. She is not afraid she is in love with the dark side, which, along with the catchy pop melody, is why I ranked this song so high.


5. Just Dance 

Besides the astounding fact that Lady Gaga wrote this song in 10 minutes, Just Dance is catchy, well-written and an invitation to do as it says, just dance!


4. Joanne

If you know the story behind Joanne, you understand why I ranked it so high. Joanne tells a heartbreaking story about Gaga’s real-life aunt who died as a 19-year-old. Joanne is beautifully written and sung, easily making it one of her best.


3. Bad Romance

If nothing else, you HAVE to know Bad Romance. It is perhaps the most classic Lady Gaga song of all time. Bad Romance is a dark yet upbeat song about the evil side of romance. Bad Romance showcases Gaga’s vocal talent, which catapulted her to fame following the release of this song. Bad Romance is iconic if nothing else, which is clearly why it is in the top three.


2. Bloody Mary

A lesser-known and underrated song, Bloody Mary is dark, sexy and beautiful. I love this song because it is so mysterious. If you have not heard it, I recommend checking it out. Obviously, it is one of my favorites since it earned spot two.


1. You and I

Are you surprised? You and I is by FAR my favorite Lady Gaga song. Its vocals are strong, it is a weird yet genius mixture of pop and country and it is impossible not to sing along to. You and I is as close to perfect as Lady Gaga songs get.


What are you waiting for? Go listen to all these songs now and get your Gaga on!

I am a first year student at the University of Kentucky majoring in Psychology and Writing, Rhetoric & Digital Studies. My favorite things to do are write and travel, and my dream job would be a travel writer because it combines both of my passions!
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