Tips for Staying Safe On and Off Campus

This year on my campus alone, there have been 26 cases of rape. As a woman, this is an extremely alarming and frightening statistic. With the recent rise of sex tracking appearing on the news, I’ve been increasingly concerned about my safety, even on a campus I once considered safe. I began to do some research and talk with my friends about safety measures that they take.


Tips on staying safe

Share your location with your friends and family 

Sharing your location with your friends is a good way to make sure your close friends and family know where you are, and can track your location in case of emergency. Apple also added a new feature to Find my Friends that will send your last location when your phone is about to die.


Get some form of protection

I recently purchased a Taser and a pepper spray. The pepper spray, I purchased from Target for $10. I like the pepper spray because it’s easy to keep on my keychain, which makes it practical for everyday use and I can carry it without having to use a purse or a bag. I purchased my Taser from Amazon for only $14. These two things are only a small cost, compared to the price of your safety. 


Safety is something that is very important to me, so I hope this article is helpful to anyone who is feeling unsafe and looking for tips to feel safe!