Tips and Tricks for College Freshman

I remember freshman year like it was yesterday. I remember feeling so anxious for decorating my room, filling out my class schedule and discovering a new group of friends. I wish someone would have told me that those three things were easier said than actually done. What would I have done differently? Simply stated, I would have changed a lot. Therefore, I compiled this list of tips and tricks for you take with you this year as a freshman on our beautiful campus.


First thing is first, your dorm room will more than likely not be Instagram worthy. While it might be for the first week if you really put some effort into it and want to spend that much money on it, odds are it will not last. Instead, save your bucks! You will need this for later on for late night Taco Bell runs during final week. Priorities, girl. 


If there is one thing that every college student wishes they would have done earlier, it is most definitely getting involved. Some of you may be in a Living Learning Program in your dorm, and that is beyond awesome. I challenge you to look into some other fun organizations on campus! Look into Greek life, volunteering opportunities, hobby clubs or student newspapers like Her Campus! Networking will be one of the biggest assets you can obtain at any university next to your education. Put yourself out there! 


Something I really wish I did was utilize my library on campus. The quiet study offered can be extremely valuable, and most libraries will let you reserve rooms for a few hours all to yourself or a group. The best part is, if you look hard enough, you might discover that they actually have books, and maybe even textbooks. That means less money you will have to spend in the long run just by taking the time to hunt some of those resources. (Bonus: the library has some really cute photo-op places for my VSCO girls.) 


Freshman year is one that you will never forget, so make the most of it. Enjoy your quirky Resident Advisor, tailgate at every single home football game, go to all your classes, and live by these tips and tricks!