Tips for the Always Sleepy Person Who Never Sleeps

I have always struggled to sleep. Falling asleep and staying asleep have kept me from getting a good night’s rest since I was in middle school.


Consequently, I am that person who is always complaining about how sleepy I am. Just recently I have discovered some useful methods of helping me get a better and more satisfying night of rest.


Bath and Body Works Sleep Body Lotion

I am a big fan of lotions. I used to have bad reactions to anything scented as a child, so when I grew out of that I was stoked.


One of my favorite lotions is from Bath and Body Works. They have a line called “Sleep,” and I personally love the lavender and chamomile scent.


Unfortunately, they stopped carrying it for the time being (you can still buy it from third party sellers!), but they do carry other great scents. Most of my favorite scents include lavender.


NutraSleep Multinutrient and Herb Complex Supplement

As a person that is already on multiple medications I really dislike adding any more to my regimen.


However, this little (not very little) pill has helped me get to sleep and stay asleep easier than typical.


I would say the best part is that they are all natural, but the actual best part is that they have no taste!


Yoga or night-time stretches

I notice that by bed time I still have a lot of built up energy even if I have managed to fit some sort of workout into my day.


Whenever this happens, I pull up a quick little yoga routine to complete, or I will do some repeated stretches to try and relax my body.


I did not think it would work the first couple of times, but I am usually knocked out within minutes of doing these!


Avoid eating or drinking before bed

I am a big BIG fan of night time snacks.


Like, a really big fan.


Unfortunately I have noticed that when I do eat too close to my bed-time, or if I have any sort of caffeinated drink after 5 p.m., sleep will not happen for a few hours past my preference.


When I do fall asleep I usually wake up about ten thousand times – I am not a fan of that.


Make sure you have comfortable bedding

This is probably a given, but make sure your bedding is comfortable and clean!


I always have my best sleep when I have fresh, clean sheets and about three blankets to snuggle up under.


Make sure you find a pillow that is right for you. I have a few pillows that I rotate through depending on how I am feeling that night.


Being able to relax in a comfortable bed will 100 percent help you get a good night's rest.


On a side note, keeping your room cleaned up and organized can help as well. I have a tendency to want to clean my room at 1 a.m. because my room is unorganized and there is no way I will be able to sleep like that!


Some of these tips might seem silly or obvious, but I think a lot of people can overlook the little things that will help them relax the most.


I hope these tips help you get the sleep you deserve, and probably desperately need!