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Time Is Not On My Side

Photo By Rachel Crowe


“You’re late for a very important date,” has been spiraling around in my head the past few months. Time has not been on my side and I do not just mean the circular clock that hangs out reminding you the time of day.


I have been told I worry about time a lot and I do. I worry about how much time I have in my schedule for work, homework, friends and reading. I worry too much about time. But time is also a huge reminder of the future that has not yet been set for me.


Time is this never ending spiral and I seem to always be running late. This semester in general has been kicking my butt and I do not know if there is not enough time in the day or if it is senioritis kicking in a semester early. I know I am not the only one that believes time is never on their side and it will not be the last.


It is hard to make time to take a breath in all the noise, but it is possible. I tend to make a few hours each night to either read or watch trash television with my roommate. Take a few hours out of your schedule to do something fun for yourself. It could be as mindless as putting “Friends” on in the background.


Take the time to do things you actually enjoy. Things that spark inspiration and make life less stressful. If something is not working right with class work take a five minute break. Walk away for a while and come back with a new perspective. Try not to get jammed with the anxiety that there is not enough time to get anything done like me.


Time should not be a never ending spiral of dark fog that I have been making it seem the past few months but a reminder that I have all the time in the world to figure out where I am going. I am always going to worry about time. It should not dictate how my life pans out though. Time is a simple guide hanging on a wall that tells how far we are in the day, nothing more and nothing less.


Twenty year old ISC major taking life day to day through a Polaroid camera.
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