Three Cosmetic Brands That Send a Great Message



  1. 1. Rare Beauty

    Rare beauty is Selena Gomez’s skincare line. Although this brand being created by Selena Gomez would be enough of a reason for me to use it, I love this brand for so many reasons. One of Rare Beauty’s main objectives is to end the stigma on mental health. Not only does Rare Beauty aim to support mental well-being in all communities, they created The Rare Impact Fund. The Rare Fund Impact gives people access to mental health services and has a goal of raising $100M over the next ten years. They work with different philanthropies and 1% of every purchase goes to this fund. They also have a place to donate on . On their website they also have resources available for anyone who is struggling with mental health. Beyond all these things, Rare Beauty has a mental health council that helps guide the brand in different aspects. Another objective of Rare Beauty is to celebrate uniqueness in people. Rare beauty strives to be an inclusive and welcoming community that empowers people and challenges beauty norms.

  2. 2. Keys Soulcare

    Keys Soulcare was created by Alicia Keys. Alicia Keys has taught me so much about self-care and taking care of myself. She has a beautiful outlook on life and is a very spiritual person. Keys soul care is all about nurturing your soul and focusing on rituals, mind, body, spirit and connection. Keys Soulcare has four different sections on their website for mind, body, spirit and connection and each tab shares stories, advice, tips, art and more. I really encourage you to check this out! I have learned so much about self- love and beauty from Keys Soulcare. On top of this, her products are dermatologist tested and clean formulas. Keys Soulcare also sells ritual sets that include different pairs of skin care, candles and face rollers. With the mission of empowering everyone to shine brighter, Keys Soulcare donates to the The Happy Organization which empowers young people through holistic education. 

  3. 3. Thrive Causemetics

    Thrive Causemetics trademark is “bigger than beauty” because for every product purchased they donate to help women thrive. I love this brand because the organizations they give to changes based on what's going on in the world. For example, giving to front line workers, Black Women's Health Imperative, COVID-19 relief aid and more. Other general causes they support are women fighting cancer, survivors of domestic abuse, women emerging from homlessness and women during and after military service. How they donate is every time you purchase a product they donate a product or a monetary donation. For their actual products they carry makeup and skincare; their products are vegan and cruelty free. I absolutely love their moisturizer and mascara!

I try my best to support brands like this that have a firm foundation in what they believe in and send a great message to their consumers. Whether it is skincare, clothes, jewelry, etc, I think it is so important to support brands that give back and support brands that have a message I believe in!