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When you go to college, there will be items you find you don't need and items you will be glad you brought! Here are my recommendations of what you should bring! Keep in mind, this will change based on where you are going and what type of room you are living in! 

School Supplies

Bring plenty of highlighters and sticky notes, they will be your lifesaver when annotating notes or reading texts for an essay. I love my multicolored highlighters and they definitely come in handy when I'm reading for class! 


I often found it hard to keep track of assignments I had due or events I had to attend. With a planner or calendar, you can keep track of everything you have to do on a daily basis. Writing down your daily tasks will help keep you on track!

Umbrella and Rain Jacket

Nothing is worse than getting caught in the rain while you're walking to class. Make sure you bring a rain jacket and an umbrella. I always keep my umbrella in my backpack so I never get caught without it. 

Laundry Supplies

A lint roller and stain remover will be great things to have in your arsenal of supplies. You don't want to find yourself without stain remover and in need. 


Aside from your bed comforter, you will want additional blankets to use when lounging or when it gets cold in your room! I often find myself curled up with one of my extra blankets while watching a movie or reading a book. 

Plenty of Snacks

Honestly, campus food can suck sometimes. In order to feed your need to snack, make sure you have plenty of any type of snack you enjoy. 

A Book to Read For Fun

Having time to yourself to relax can be important while you're in college. Schoolwork can be overwhelming, so having your own time to chill can be important. Reading is a great pastime. Find a good book and relax for a while!

Adapt your own packing list to your specific set of circumstances, but hopefully with the shortlist I have given you, you have some ideas about what you'll need!

Community and Leadership Development Major & Political Science minor at the University of Kentucky.
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