There is Value in Women

Women are seen as just that women to most individuals or so most people believe. They have worked as hard as they could to create a more inclusive environment all throughout history, yet there are still differences seen today.


In high schools today women are now sexualized for things that they should not even be sexualized over. It is seen in dress codes and the rules that women are held to compared to their male counterparts.


In many of these high schools women can no longer wear short sleeve, cold shoulder, or strapless tops because their shoulders have now been seen as a sexual object. These women are also now told to wear shorts that must be fingertip length or four to six inches above the knee, yet for some women depending on their height is a unfair stipulations because no one person’s body is build the same. These women must wear clothing that does not fit their bodies correctly or clothing on one person may show more skin while none at all on another all due to the way that the clothing fits.


A women’s shoulders, mid drift, and legs should not be seen as a sexual figure but instead as a person because that is exactly what this person is, they are someone. Behind each body no matter the shape or size stands an individual who has feelings and a sense of respect for themselves due to the way they hold their self. Yet when these individuals are being degraded based upon what others feel is appropriate or not these individuals are being dragged down time and time again slowly but surely causing young women to begin to question their own bodies and the things that they once were proud of.