Summer Date Night Ideas

As the spring semester comes to a close, the summer months are quickly approaching and everyone is anticipating all the fun things that come along with the season. One of the best things about summer is that you have endless date possibilities because of the warm weather and fun events. Summer is especially enjoyable when you can spend it with a significant other or even a good group of girlfriends.


As you start thinking about your summer plans with your bestie or bae, here are some fun summer date night ideas:


  • Strawberry Picking Festivals

Watermelons and pineapples may be summer staple fruits, but the season also gives us an endless amount of strawberries to endure. With the start of the strawberry season, strawberry picking festivals pop up all over small towns and farms throughout America. Attending one of the fruit festivals can be a fun date idea for you and your significant other this summer. Eating copious amounts of strawberry themed foods and celebrating the sweet fruit sounds like an enjoyable date to me.


  • Picnic in the Park

The warm weather is finally back, so you and your partner can enjoy it with a picnic at a local park. Bring some of your favorite foods, grab a blanket and find a great spot with a pretty view, and you will have yourself a perfect summer picnic. You will save money because you are making your own food, and you will not have to fight the crowds at packed restaurants. Plus, a picnic is the perfect occasion to a little relaxation time with your SO.


  • County Fairs

Everyone knows that summer time equals county fair time, especially in small town America. Share a funnel cake with your significant other or make them win a cheap stuffed teddy bear for you. You can even have that magical, romantic moment a top the ferris wheel together and share a kiss you will never forget.


  • Ice Cream Date

Ice cream is a staple dessert during summertime, so why not make a fun date night out of it. Visit a local ice cream shop or grab a blizzard from Dairy Queen with your special person. You can even pick up different ice cream flavors and toppings to make your own sundaes at home for something different and fun.


  • Baseball Game

There is no better way to spend a long, hot summer night than under the stars at a baseball game with your SO. Baseball games are the perfect occasion to enjoy the weather, have great conversation and eat some pretty good concession stand food. Sometimes there is even fireworks at the end of the game to enjoy with your bae.