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Suggestions for the “True Crime” Obsessed

I have always been a fan of true crime and I am constantly waiting for new shows and documentaries to be made. I have recently delved into podcasts as well. While I am waiting for a new “fix” I decided to share some of my favorites with y’all!


  • “Someone Knows Something”

Produced by CBC Podcasts, host David Ridgen does his own investigations into different cold cases. I personally love this podcast because Ridgen goes to the physical locations and does his own interviews. I am not typically a fan of cold cases. It kills me not to know what happened, but Ridgen’s podcast allows theories to be explored and gives the audience an opening to the truth.


  • “My Favorite Murder”

I have written about this podcast before. Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark meet up weekly to discuss different cases. These range from cold cases, serial killers and kidnappings. They discuss some famous serial killers and some that I have never heard of before. They also have “minisodes” where they read stories sent in from listeners about their own personal experiences in the true crime realm. I will give a heads-up; this podcast has a lot of vulgarity and some of the cases are pretty brutal.


  • “Cold Justice”

This is one of my favorite true crime shows. Kelly Siegler is a former Texas prosecutor and she now goes across the United States to work small town unsolved cases. This show is great because the audience gets to watch the resolution happen to decades old cold cases. Siegler is passionate for her work and it is super cool to see her work with the local police departments to bring justice to the victims and their families.


  • “Forensic Files”

This show is kind of old news, but I love it nonetheless. The show has some not great dramatizations, but the interviews with family and those working on the case make it worth it. This is one of my favorite shows to watch when I am looking to just lounge around. The narrators have strangely soothing voices; however, I do not recommend watching it before bed – I mean, I totally do…but be warned.


  • “The Staircase”

This mini docuseries is about the death of Kathleen Peterson. Her husband, Michael, has been suspected of her death and the docuseries follows the trial and aftermath for his family. This docuseries does not do the best job of remaining neutral, but I think it opens up the case for people to look more into themselves.


  • “The Keepers”

This is another docuseries on Netflix that follows the cold case of Sister Catherine Cesnik. Two of her previous students, now in their retirement years, take it upon themselves to investigate the unsolved murder. This docuseries is pretty in depth and does a good job of giving the audience as much information as possible. I will give a warning about sensitive content. Rape and other sexual abuse are mentioned throughout the series.


  • “Making a Murderer”

I am sure most of those reading this have watched this by now, but I felt it was worth mentioning with the recent release of the second season. This series is based on the murder of Teresa Halbach. The controversy in the series is that the two men convicted of the crime have been wrongfully convicted. While I really enjoy this series and totally feed into the uncertainty of the case, it is important to state that the series does not focus a lot on the victim and it is definitely biased.


  • “The Confession Tapes”

This docuseries features different confession tapes that have been (possibly) coerced. This show is kind of difficult to watch when you know that some of the confessions are false, but it is interesting to learn about how confessions are not always the “cat in the bag” situation for a case.


This is my small list of true crime suggestions. If you get bored of these, I totally suggest turning on the Investigation Discovery channel and vegging out. I am still looking for new shows out there myself, so hit me up with your suggestions!

My hair is usually frizzy and I’m usually craving coffee. I’m a senior at U.K. majoring in Secondary Education with a focus in Social Studies and minoring in Anthropology. I’m so happy to be writing for HerCampus, and so blessed to be on our executive board for my senior year!
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