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Success with a Price

Struggling isn’t even the word. I’m in maximum overdrive as the semester closes and I couldn’t be more ready for it to end.


Though this semester has been a tough one, I know my hard work is paying off. That’s the reason anyone is in school right? Tedious assignment after assignment after assignment after…


It’s the way of higher education and we just have to find the light at the end of the tunnel. In lieu of motivating myself and fellow students, I want to share checklist of accomplishments and goals I set to reach by the end of the semester. Encouraging us all that everything works out in the end and if you haven’t reached your goals



  • Get the promotion within my athletics hospitality job

  • Maintain organization involvement

  • Visit the academic counseling center

  • Get out and Join something different (I participated in a pageant!)


What I’m still working on

  • Visit campus counseling

  • Prayer Journal Daily

  • Save more money per week


Again, I wanted to provide my circumstance to show that you don’t always have to do everything, do great at everything and stay completely stress free and that’s okay. There were unsuspected accomplishments and losses as well and those are fine too. To any fellow student thinking the semester was a bust, remember that there’s more to come. In due time our success will come!




I'm Jazmyn, an ATLien with a passion for makeup, good communication and cute pictures!
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