Strong Female Characters on TV in Today's Society

Who runs the world? Girls! No one shows that better than these female characters. From fighting in the game of thrones to fighting for their lives to just straight up ruling nations. These women take fierce to another level and look killer while doing it with a little bit of killing on the side:


  • Handmaid’s Tale

Imagine having your everyday life turned around. Living a regular day one day and the next finding yourself in a dystopian society where women have absolutely no rights.

June Osborne was a your average woman with a good job and a loving family and then she was a handmaid raped occasionally with no voice. Osborne’s character development through the course of the show is a depiction of overcoming obstacles realistically because there were times that crushed Osborne so hard you couldn’t help but cry a little.

The beauty of the show is that June is not the only character to fight hard. Others would be Janine, Emily, Serena Waterford - on some occasions - and Moira


  • Game of Thrones

Daenerys Targaryen, Arya and Sansa Stark, Brienne of Tarth, Missandei and Cersei Lannister.

Dragons, thrones, faceless gods, tyrant men, they have been through all of it, without the help of men. They have all crawled through the worst that Westores has to offer. Daenerys being sold to “barbarians” as a child by her brother, the Stark girls watching their father die then losing everyone else in their family (except Jon Snow), Missandei being a slave her whole life, Brienne watching the love of her life and being treated differently because she fights like a man - no better - and Cersei losing all her children.

These are almost nothing compared to all that they have been through but you won’t see any of them backing down soon


  • Vikings

Vikings. Blood thirsty ruthless warriors who travel the world seeking only to plunder and fight to their deaths to glorify their gods.

Different from the rest of the world at this time period, their women are beyond fearless. Shield maiden are just as fierce as the men and in some cases, even more. The fiercest of them all? Lagertha!

Shield maiden mother of two married to Ragnar Lothbrok, divorcee mother of one, to wife of an earl to Earl Ingstad. She is beat down several times, manipulated even, but Lagertha always finds the best ways to get what she wants no matter who is in way.


  • Westworld

It’s the Wild west? It’s a time where robot advancement is beyond our imagination? It is humans taking their desires for lust and violence to a whole new level by building beyond advanced human-like robots to make all their dreams come true.

Obviously, the androids are going to revolutionize and gain dominance as the superior species. This revolution is led by none other than Dolores Abernathy and Maeve Millay.

Though it is written in their code these women (androids) decide to set their own paths for themselves thus taking their destiny into their own hands and killing a whole bunch of humans in the process.


  • Killing Eve

Have you ever had a deep passion for serial killers? Serial female killers? No? Meet Eve Polastri. She is not your average federal agent. She has an obsession for serial killers and a strong desire for danger and excitement.

She gets what she wants when Villanelle comes into the picture. Villanelle is a psychopath, she’s been through some really bad s*** but she is a psychopath. Villanelle just loves killing and Polastri loves trying to understand her kills, the technique and uniqueness behind them. They are the perfect match. Their physical meetings are just so intriguing to watch.


  • Big Little Lies

Murder. Is that your first thought in a show about a couple of first grade moms? No? Me neither.

I was beyond shocked by the way this show played out. Jane Chapman, new young mom in town who piques the interest of Madeline Mackenzie, becoming automatic friends and with Celeste Wright (Mackenzie’s best friend). The ultimate trio has been formed.

Each with their own individual issues they help each other get through it. Chapman overcoming the night of her sexual assault that leads to the birth of her son. Mackenzie having to deal with ex-husband, cheating on her husband and the struggles of a mother and her teenage daughter. Wright constantly concerned for her safety and that of her children because of her husband’s violent behavior.

These three women constantly portray the “perfect lie” that is their lives but are able to overcome all their obstacles together.


Honorable mentions AKA characters I love but laziness…

Jessica Jones, Jessica Jones

Queen Elizabeth II, The Crown

Claire Fraser (Randall), Outlander

Clarke Griffin, Octavia Blake, Raven Reyes; The 100

Jane Villanueva, Jane the Virgin

Sarah/Cosima/Helena/Alison (P.S. they’re clones), Orphan Black