Stigmas to Having Older Parents

Most people of the younger generation are shocked when a individual tells them that they have a older parent yet it’s not seen as a shock when they tell someone their parent is younger.


Having a older parent comes with stigmas that most individuals do not think about when they make comments about people’s parents. Having older parents myself I’ve seen some of these stigmas first hand.


  1. My father has been called my grandfather and people seem shocked when I tell them differently.

  2. Most people can not believe parents were over 25 and closer to 30 before their first kid was born

  3. Most people think older parents cannot have things in common with their children

  4. Older Parents are seen as drags and "not fun" by people with younger parents

  5. People tend to not want to speak to the parents because they are not thought to understand

  6. People seem to respect their parents more if they are older rather then younger

  7. Parents seem to respect their kids more in their decision and support them on what they choose.

  8. Parents tend to share more about their childhood with their kids and those around them because times use to be a lot different then they are now.

  9. Older parents tend to have come from larger families

  10. Older parents tend to be seen as not fitting into groups of parents in today’s generations.


Being the child of older parents I have learned a lot from my parents alone. Since my parents have been around they have seen many changes occur in this world we live in. From the prices of things increasing drastically to the lay out of land changing drastically also. They have seen the once young generation become the older and seen many of their peers pass on before it seems to be their time.


People may say that having older parents isn’t the best thing to occur but the stigmas around it are sometimes the best and worst things you see about the topic. The reason why this is so is because some parents can be the windows to the past that other generations never get the chance to see in their lifetime.


Some of these stigmas need to change but others need to stay the same because without them it wouldn’t be so fun giving people a shock of a lifetime.