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Spreading Valentine’s Day Love Throughout the Year

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Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time to appreciate your loved ones and remind yourself of all the love that is present in your life. However, just like many holidays, we should not limit ourselves to just one day when it comes to showing our loved ones how much we care. Spreading this love throughout the year will bring joy to your life and joy to those around you. Here are some possible suggestions on how to make your Valentine’s Day last!


Write down the things you appreciate all through the year

By taking the time to write one thing you love about your significant other or loved one every week, you can learn to appreciate all they do even more. This would even make a BOMB gift. Come next Valentine’s Day, you can put all those notes together and gift it to your loved one. This will not only be touching to them but it shows that you have been thinking about them all year long. This gift would be low-budget and sentimental. I think anyone would appreciate the thought put into it.


As for me, I keep all of the hand-written notes that are given to me and looking back on them is so memorable. Something about the fact that this person gave up their time to physically write down things they want is beyond special.


Lead up to the special day

Anticipating Valentine’s Day with small gifts or tokens of your appreciation can make Valentine’s Day seem much longer than it actually is. Instead of showering your loved one with gifts on one day of the year, use the week before to spoil them too.


Make a mixtape

Music reflects so many emotions that people experience and it can represent points in your relationship that you want to highlight. Save some songs and make a mixtape for your loved one so you can both enjoy the songs and reminisce together. The mixtapes that I have received from my friends in the past have meant so much to me because they are songs that we share. Even if there was a song I did not know, it was still meaningful because I know that this person is communicating through song lyrics and that is special.


There are many ways to show your loved one how much you love and appreciate them throughout the year. I encourage you to find your own special way that works for you two! Enjoy this Valentine’s Day and let it be a reminder of all the beautiful things in life for 2018.


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