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Spotted at UK – Jonathan

Name – Jonathan McLamb

Graduation Year – 2016

Hometown – Lexington, KY

Major – undecided

How would you describe your personal style? – Pretty relaxed. I’ve gained a lot of European style after spending the past year in Germany, too.

What do you draw style inspiration from? – A website called dazedigital.com. It has a lot of stuff about fashion and music. Friends, too.

Do you have a favorite brand or designer? – Urban Outfitters and American Apparel are my two favorite places to shop. I really like a lot of English designers too.

What is your favorite current trend? – I like to wear different hues and shades of the same color to where it seems like it would clash, but it still works

What is your least favorite current trend? – I hate croakeys. They’re pointless. I also don’t really like when girls wear athletic clothes all the time. People should look nice in public.

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