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Six Things to do During Quarantine to Cure Your Boredom

As the quarantine continues, I am finding myself running out of things to do in the comfort of my own home. I am missing hanging out with friends, browsing through Target, and even just being able to eat at a restaurant and not take the food to-go. I have compiled a list of six things you can do to try and help cure your boredom that never seems to go away.

  1. 1. Spice up your social media

    During quarantine I have found myself spending more time on my phone than ever, especially on social media. Use this break to go through your social media and clean up what you have posted and redesign yourself. This could even be just changing your Instagram name from that weird nickname you had in middle school. Or maybe it’s going through your old tweets and deleting your tweets about what cereal you had on that one random day. If you want to spend lots of time on this, you could browse influencers and friends' feeds that you enjoy and try to mirror them on yours.

  2. 2. Start checking off things on your to do list

    We all have that to do list in our notes that keeps getting longer. Try to break down each item on your list into steps so that you can start crossing things off! If it is something easy and quick, do it while you are taking a break from schoolwork. If requires more attention, try to set an hour every day that you work towards completing it.

  3. 3. Try that Pinterest project you had your eye on

    While at school it might have been hard to gather all of the supplies for that cute DIY you wanted. Now is the time to do it! Shop for all of your supplies online so you can practice social distancing and recreate those cute pins you keep seeing.

  4. 4. Binge that Netflix show you never had time for

    Maybe there was a show that had too many seasons and it seemed to be daunting to start or you just want to rewatch your favorite show, now is the perfect time. Ask your family and friends for suggestions on shows and binge it in bed while you are taking a break from schoolwork.

  5. 5. Take a daily nature walk

    As the weather starts warming up and the flowers are blooming, you are going to want to start hanging outside rather than in your room. Try to take short walks every day to take in nature and get fresh air. Since we are all working online, our eyes and body are taking a toll from having to sit and stare at a computer. Walks with no screens can help give your body a break from everything.

  6. 6. Create a Post-Corona bucket list

    Before quarantining you might not have realized all of the things you took for granted or wanted to do. During the break, keep a list in your notes of things you want to do once it’s safe to return to normal activity. Nothing is too big or too small to go on this list. You can even create lists with your friends of things you want to do together!

Most of these activities take as little or as long as you want so you are able to cure boredom for DAYS! During this time of uncertainty and crisis, it’s important to focus on the good of everything rather than the bad. Start your day with the intention of not dwelling on the worst parts of the quarantine and use the time to better yourself and the space around you. Or use it to catch up on all of the sleep and homework you never got at school…