Simple and Legit Ways to Make Money on Your Phone

There is one thing that the majority of college students can relate on: being broke. Luckily for us, there are some pretty easy ways we can make money on our phones.


  • Google Opinion Rewards

The Google Opinion Rewards app notifies you whenever a new survey is available for you, which is usually about once a day. Each survey takes less than twenty seconds and pays you between $0.10 and $1 each. Every time your account reaches $2, your balance is automatically sent to your PayPal account.


  • Ibotta

Everybody grocery shops, so why not get paid for it? That’s exactly what Ibotta is for: paying you for buying groceries. After each trip to the grocery store, simply upload your receipt to the app and get paid based on the products you purchased.


  • Swagbucks

Swagbucks allows you to earn free gift cards by shopping online, watching videos, taking surveys and more!


  • Receipt Hog

Whenever you shop in-store and upload your receipt to the Receipt Hog app, you will earn coins. As your coins build up, you can redeem Amazon and Visa gift card or have money added directly to your PayPal account.


  • Ebates

Ebates pays you for shopping online...what more could you ask for? Every store on Ebates has a set percentage of how much you will get paid for shopping. For example, if Forever 21 is at 10% and you spend $100 on their website, Ebates will pay you $10.


  • Poshmark

We all have some things that we haven’t worn in a long time which have just been taking up space in our closets. Poshmark makes selling your unwanted clothes super easy. All you have to do is post a few pictures of the item, write a quick description, pick a price and wait for someone to buy it! Once your item is purchased, Poshmark will email you a printable shipping label for you to put on your package and then you can ship it off, free of charge. When the buyer receives your item Poshmark will send you the money and you can cash out immediately.


Hopefully, you’ll try out these six apps and they’ll make both you and your bank account, a little happier.