Shopping on a Budget




I think we can all agree that finding new additions to the wardrobe when the budget is tight can be a challenge. When name brands are pricey and your favorite stores are not having any sales, it leaves us wondering where we can find clothes for a cheap price.


With spring break and warm weather on the horizon, ‘tis the season for spring shopping. Personally, I am pretty against spending more than 10 dollars on one article of clothing, and that makes it hard for me to shop. This is why I put together a few ideas for bargain hunting this season!


Goodwill hunting

Always a sound option for shopping on a budget. Not only will you find clothes, but you might even find bags, accessories or other treasures. Since fashion repeats itself, those clothes that some might consider old-school might be back in style. Looking through all the selections might end with you finding something that is perfect for you. A lot of my favorite clothes actually come from Goodwill, the trick is to not get frustrated when you can not find what you want immediately. Shopping at Goodwill takes patience. Sometimes you will come across a cart full of good finds and sometimes you will leave empty-handed.


The store Ragstock

New and recycled clothing and accessories for a super low price! Ragstock has all the clothes that are currently coming back into style for an affordable price. It has saved my life on multiple occasions. Instead of rummaging through other people’s clothes like you would at Plato’s Closet or Goodwill, this store carries a large mixture of new in-style clothes as well as the retro old-school pieces that everyone loves. If you have not checked out Ragstock yet, you have to experience it for yourself.



Trading with or buying clothes from your friends is always a great option to spice up your wardrobe. On multiple occasions, my friends have given me their clothes just because they do not wear them that often anymore. Instead of donating immediately, check and see if anyone you know wants to buy or borrow your old clothing. This can especially come in handy if you or someone you know is becoming bored with their own style and wants to switch it up.


Shopping on a budget is easy if you get creative with it! Being flexible and taking the time to find the right deals and prices can totally pay off.


Thumbnail photo by Lauren Roberts