A Semester Without Social Media

The beginning of this semester was particularly difficult. I was always exhausted. I was having a hard time balancing my classes and clubs and work. On top of that, I just was not happy. So, I decided to listen to an article I had read a year before about how social media makes us generally less happy.


The idea behind the article was that people usually post a biased version of their lives on social media. People use filters. They checkmark events they never actually attend. Timelines are a mess of proposals and study abroad trips.  


However, this is rarely the true reality. When we are doing poorly in a class, we are unlikely to post it on Facebook so our grandparents can worry about our grades too. We are much more likely to display a truer version of ourselves and our lives when we are face to face with another person.


I was skeptical.  


I really doubted that my worries could be solved by deleting a couple apps.  


This was back in the end of August.  Now, nearly three months later, I have noticed that I am less anxious. I worry less about my future (although as a senior it is still a pressing concern). I compare myself to other people less often.


Most importantly, I have managed to let toxic people leave my life. Rather than be passive aggressive to each other on social media, I just no longer talk to people.  


I was surprised. But deleting social media, at least for me, was really beneficial to my mental health.  


I originally planned on taking about a week or two of a break, never imagining that it would just exit my daily routine completely.


If you find that you are being down on yourself and comparing your life to others, I highly recommend taking a break from social media.


 What do you have to lose?