The Semester Is Almost Over, So Remember Self Care

Something about the last few weeks of the semester seem so long and so exhausting. You can see the light of winter break, but the relief of class ending does not come soon enough.


During the last couple weeks, professors seem to lay on the exams and assignments. Getting overwhelmed and stressing out can seem inevitable. In times like these, people often forget to take care of themselves to ensure that they survive the final days of the semester with a happy head and a happy heart.


The most important tip is to get enough sleep. My train of thought is that cramming for an exam or staying up all night will not help you learn the information. At a certain time, the brain seems to check out. No matter how much you try to focus, you cannot convince your brain to continue cramming. Getting a good amount of sleep will help you focus better in the morning to think through the exam in a logical manner. Cramming late at night will only leave you tired and frustrated, so get some sleep!


When grinding through the last month of the semester, actively set aside time to take a break and do something fun. Not taking a break from school work will test your ability to continuously focus on the task at hand. So take a break! Read a book you enjoy, watch a couple of Netflix shows or take yourself to lunch. A short, planned break will help you gather yourself and restart fresh.


You do not have to spend time only by yourself when you are finishing out the semester. I find myself more relaxed yet studious when I work with friends. I do not even have to talk to them the whole time, just their company makes my stress lighten a little bit. If you do not want to study with them, go to dinner or grab coffee. Take time to catch up with someone you care about and have a good laugh. Odds are that you will also help them out too.


Most importantly, take care of yourself even if it is the smallest way possible. Take a late night bubble bath in the dark. Burn your favorite candle, especially if it is lavender (it will help you relax). Take a nap or write how you are feeling. Go to the local Humane Society and cuddle with some animals. The smallest actions can have the largest impacts on your emotional and physical health during the final stretch of the semester.


You got this! Finish strong!