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Keeping yourself healthy can be difficult, especially during college and it got even more difficult during the pandemic. We can all use a little extra self-care sometimes! Here are my tips to keep yourself healthy and practice self-care! 

Take a social media break!

Social media can be so overwhelming at times. Constantly seeing other people and their lives all over your feed can be tough. Social media can be a negative influence on the life of some. Set a goal to spend less time on social media throughout your days. Check-in from time to time but don’t continuously check your feeds! 


I won’t lie, the idea of meditation is intimidating and scared me for a while. For anyone who struggles with anxiety, meditation can be very helpful to calm your mind and lower your blood pressure and anxiety. Meditation is relaxing and always helps me feel more energized afterward! There are tons of YouTube videos, apps, and websites to get you started! 

Stay hydrated and eat regular meals!

Staying hydrated and drinking water throughout the day can help boost your immune system keep you healthier, and keep you feeling better! Your body needs fuel to function and without regular meals and water, your body is not getting what it needs. Make healthy choices with your food, but don’t feel bad for having a cheat day when you need it! 

Go outside! 

Soaking up some Vitamin D can have a positive effect on your body. When you aren’t having a great day, take some time and go outside and grab some fresh air. Have your morning coffee outside or read a book. I love working on my schoolwork outside at a table or grabbing a bite to eat outside and working on my work! 

Practicing self-care and dealing with everything that life throws your way can be hard. Hopefully, with the tips I have listed and your own, you will be able to keep yourself healthy and happy! 

Community and Leadership Development Major & Political Science minor at the University of Kentucky.
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